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Alibi Hostel Ljubljana Cankarjevo nabre�je 27 Ljubljana

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In this page you can find all the information about the hostel Alibi Hostel Ljubljana of Ljubljana. With you can reserve your hostel or cheap accommodation at the best possible price. See the description of the hostel Alibi Hostel Ljubljana with the facilities offered, photos, map with directions on how to get to the hostel Alibi Hostel Ljubljana, prices, reviews and comments on the hostel Alibi Hostel Ljubljana. Make your reservation with a credit card, anticipating only a 10 per cent of the total amount to secure the booking. At the end of the booking you will get the phone number and the email address of hostel Alibi Hostel Ljubljana. Also by email you will receive the booking number confirmation with a reminder. Print your reservation and show it at the reception of the hostel on your arrival’s day; the hostel have already the data details of the guests and you just have to start your holiday in Ljubljana!

If there is something we should mention about Alibi Hostel is that is has definitely the best location in town. Alibi Hostel is settled in the very heart of the old town (centre) of Ljubljana, a step away of everything you should -and would- like to see! By the Ljubljanica river and under Ljubljana's castle, from where all the city's main attractions are within walking distance. Place yourself in ALIBI HOSTEL and wander around charming Old Ljubljana, where you can choose among the various cafes and bars in the surroundings. Willing to chill a bit? Experience the life on the famous �Ljubljana beach�. The perfect spot to meet locals and tourists hanging out at the riverbanks. Into culture? We are very close to Slovenia's most important museums and art galleries. Open air concerts, regular, flea and antique market, restaurants, shops and book stores � you just need to step out and start the adventure!Alibi Hostel has colorful rooms and a groovy indoor Graffiti Gallery spread throughout its floors. In the common room you can relax, plan your trip on or meet some cool traveler buddies. It might be the ideal starting point for that international pub crawling or clubbing night� For sleeping you can choose among double rooms, private fours, dorms (8 bed) or even a 6 bed private en suite with kitchen on the top, overlooking to Ljubljanica river. We also offer special conditions and discounts for groups. Call us or send your enquiry after booking and we will be glad to help you! Hint: you can book your stay- and transfer -to Piran, the most beautiful town of Slovene coast, at our reception. Just ask for ALIBI HOSTELS PIRAN. Tourist tax not included in the price (1, 01 EUR per person per night).

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AddressAlibi Hostel Ljubljana - Cankarjevo nabre�je 27   ,  SI-1000,  Ljubljana,  ,  Slovenia  
Linen Included Security Lockers Luggage Storage Swimming Pool
24 hour reception Travel Desk/Travel Info Common Room Bike Parking
24 Hour Check In


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