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Customer rating 93%
Great location, close to Old town center. Fantastic host, will accommodate your every need. Would definitely stay again.
fcranfield7198, New Zealand | Couple 18-24 | 03rd January 2009 Total reviews: fcranfield7198 has left 1 Leonardo House, Florence90% 96% Customer Rating Peo

Customer rating 93%
Peolple in the hotel are very nice.
mojiajun1932, China | Male 18-24 | 27th December 2010

Customer rating 100%
Great location. Excellent value in Off-peak season. We had our own balcony with great views of Mykonos. Really close to shops and restuarants.
loweali3493, Australia | Female 25-30 | 11th November 2010 Total reviews: loweali3493 has left 1 Zackry Guest House, Langkawi100% 100% Customer Rating i ca

Customer rating 100%
i came with 8 of my best friends and we were given great rooms and eleni picked us up at the port and drove us there the day of our departure. it was an extremely laid back perfect weekend and it really helped that where we stayed was everything we wanted! not to mention we were given a room with a terrace with an amazing view :)
ggeaney5432, USA | Female 18-24 | 02nd November 2010

Customer rating 60%
They offer a airport collection, very friendly staff. Maria helped us all the time with every thing we needed.
Julieni, Brazil |   | 20th September 2010

Customer rating 66%
Staff was never around.
roseni_almonte3609, USA |   | 20th September 2010

Customer rating 100%
The photo and what you actually get on arrival is very different. The room they gave us was so small we could hardly move around the bed - it was very disappointing
travelling_lea869, Netherlands | Female 25-30 | 17th August 2010

Customer rating 93%
The lifts fromto the ports were very good and helpful, and the room was very comfortable and tidy. :-)
yajianliu5971, China |   | 13th September 2010

Customer rating 96%
Studio Eleni was not that easy to find as it is unmarked. Once we founded we were delighted by wonderful Eleni, she's great! Located very close to the old port, Little Venice, and the old windmills and in the middle of beautiful Mykonos town, you won't regret staying here. Make sure you have the address as not too many locals knew where this hostel was.
jrelea1698, USA | Male 25-30 | 08th September 2010