Cityherberge in Dresden

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Cityherberge Lingnerallee 3 Dresden

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About the hostel

In this page you can find all the information about the hostel Cityherberge of Dresden. With you can reserve your hostel or cheap accommodation at the best possible price. See the description of the hostel Cityherberge with the facilities offered, photos, map with directions on how to get to the hostel Cityherberge, prices, reviews and comments on the hostel Cityherberge. Make your reservation with a credit card, anticipating only a 10 per cent of the total amount to secure the booking. At the end of the booking you will get the phone number and the email address of hostel Cityherberge. Also by email you will receive the booking number confirmation with a reminder. Print your reservation and show it at the reception of the hostel on your arrival’s day; the hostel have already the data details of the guests and you just have to start your holiday in Dresden!

A very warm Welcome to 'cityherberge', the only and unique ho(s)tel in the very centre of the old town of Dresden. While the building may not look spectacular you will enjoy a spectacularly friendly 24/7 service, neat and spacey rooms, no matter whether you chose a comfort room or prefer accommodation at hostel level, great food and rates which are easy on your purse. We are a bit crazy about making our guests' stay something to talk about which may explain why you will meet tourists here and business people as well, students and senior citizens, families, soccer teams and symphony orchestras. We would love to have you here!Please note: You will have to arrive by 3pm

AddressCityherberge - Lingnerallee 3   01069 Dresden,  01069,  Dresden,  Saxony,  Germany  
Breakfast Included Bicycle Hire Linen Included Bar
Luggage Storage Telephone/Fax Facilities 24 hour reception Lift / Elevator
Bike Parking 24 Hour Check In Meeting Facilities


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