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Reviews Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Overall rating
Overall rating(65.67%)

Customer rating 36%
Horrible and Expensive. The staffs even smile for u.
Thiago, Brazil | Male 18-24 | 03rd January 2009

Customer rating 20%
We reserved a room for new years eve night, and 2 days beforehand, they apparently sent out an email about a "mandatory party" that we would have to pay 50 euros each to get into, in addition to the cost of the room. We were appalled and left stranded. In addition, I never received the email.
dn_056781, USA | Female 18-24 | 01st January 2009

Customer rating 66%
Charged more than the booked.
artursartori6309, Brazil |   | 05th January 2009

Customer rating 20%
you can't complain for 25 euros!
Romain, France | Male 25-30 | 03rd January 2009

Customer rating 70%
Crap the worse hostel with I have been in my life. Some extra charges, dirt and no nice service. Finally I cancel my booking and I spend only one night becouse was to late to look for something difrent. Can you imagine 50 euro extracharge becouse they decide to make party? Unprofessional!!
trafiq5868, Poland | Male 18-24 | 02nd January 2009

Customer rating 26%
staff okay. rooms cleaned every morning. good people. .. you pay for what you get...the website says its pretty basic..and it is... good place for students...bardisco downstairs were good to
Tomlawrence001, New Zealand | Male 18-24 | 02nd January 2009

Customer rating 73%
no way...
pierremarot715315, France | Male 18-24 | 02nd January 2009

Customer rating 30%
I think the beds could be better And i thought the news year party shouldn be compulsory
Milton, Brazil | Male 18-24 | 02nd January 2009

Customer rating 53%
The European girls that work here are really nasty. The kitchen is really unappealing - I couldn't eat there. The lockers are broken, the bathrooms mildewy and the staff completely unapproachable. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Seriously, for another 10 or 20 euro you can get a cheap single at another hotel and you won't be in danger of getting your bags stolen - or getting a staph infection.
Julian, New Zealand | Male 18-24 | 30th December 2010