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Reviews Jorplace

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Overall rating(81.5%)
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Customer rating 83%
Perfect stay! Wonderful staff amd very clean and tidy!!!
ok_kiska6085, Ukraine | Female 25-30 | 17th January 2009

Customer rating 93%
Nice hostel, about 5 min from the beach, very nice staff and the place is fine to hang out at.
Rieneke, Netherlands | Female 25-30 | 01st January 2009

Customer rating 96%
I stayed there one night at the end of Jan. The location is perfect if you would like to experience the excellent seashore in the summer. Say thanks to the nice hostel staff
Sun, China | Male 25-30 | 31st December 2010

Customer rating 100%
Jorplace is defo, YOUR place, it's just like being at home... Breakfast was good, rooms were clean, it has a very relaxed atmosphere and I felt totally at home.
sarahvanders2836, Australia | Female 25-30 | 26th October 2010

Customer rating 90%
Wonderful relaxed atmosphere with great staff
thopton217754, Australia |  18-24 | 09th November 2010

Customer rating 60%
Staff really went the extra yards to help.
Crooke, Australia |   | 02nd November 2010 Total reviews: Crooke has left 4 Nubian Oasis Hotel Luxor, Luxor83% Petra Gate Hostel and Hotel, Petra100% HomePlus Hostel, Budapest100% The Monk's Bunk, Tallinn87% VB

Customer rating 60%
clean and cosy hostel, great location (only 5 min to the beach), friendly staff
batamanoff4163, Kazakhstan | Male 18-24 | 12th October 2010

Customer rating 80%
You like surfers? Go there! You don`t like surfers? You are not a surfer? You will be very lonely... They don`t take Credit Card and Hostel World reservations don`t seem to work, although you obviosly pay the reservation fee (without getting it back...). Rooms were more expensive then stated on Fait: very exensive, very small rooms.
remosiefke5437, Germany |   | 02nd October 2010