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Overall rating
Overall rating(78.67%)

Customer rating 96%
i enjoyed my stay its a very good place 4 cheap accomadation&also very handy for bein near shops¢ral amsterdam i would recommend people stayin here!
Mark, England | Male 31-40 | 18th January 2009

Customer rating 100%
Loved the hostel though i admit im not Christian they were really warm and made u feel like home.. Hi to all the staff specially to Tina, Bettina and the american guys which names i forgot cause i suck btw its Nico (colombia)
nikocasta, Colombia | Male 25-30 | 30th December 2010 Total reviews: nikocasta has left 4 Mad Hostel, Madrid87% The Yellow, Rome73% Eurostudent home, Florence90% Vila Veselova, Ljubljana100% View member profi

Customer rating 100%
Edge of Amsterdam's Centrum, 15 min walk from the city center. Clean and safe with 24 hour staff at front desk. Great if you're just looking for a place to sleep. The 4-bed rooms are small with two bunk beds, similar to the size of an overnight train compartment. Valuables may be locked up in a locker beside the bed with your own lock. Friendly day staff, despite the fact that we were late for check-in and check-out. No drugs or alcohol and males and females are on separate floors.
terence_tse_wong920, Canada | Male 18-24 | 18th January 2009

Customer rating 96%
We had a great time! Thank you so much for being so hospitable during our rather short stay. I would recommend you in the future!
mjhartjes2823, USA | Female 18-24 | 17th January 2009

Customer rating 70%
I love the place!!!the food was amazing!!!panckaes for breakfast!!!delicious!!!stuff was really freindly!!!good place to stay!!
kasiaglinka6286, Poland | Female 25-30 | 04th January 2009

Customer rating 76%
Not a short walk from the station when you have luggage, but it was clean and good for somewhere to sleep. The free breakfast is good. Could do with a kitchen though.
juliakoch1821, Australia | Female 18-24 | 13th January 2009

Customer rating 93%
Very nice hostel, not much going on there, but the people are pretty awesome and it's VERY clean.
devrieam6416, USA | Female 25-30 | 14th January 2009

Customer rating 80%
One of the cleanest hostels I\'ve ever stayed in. Its a bit of a walk from the very center of Amsterdam, but really wasn\'t that bad. Within minutes of Anne Franke\'s house. It\'s a christian hostel, but that wasn\'t a problem. We went out and had fun. I suspect as long as you behave yourself on return nothing will be said. No curfew. There was free WiFi. Bathrooms were excellent, beds were comfy. Will stay here again next time in Amsterdam.
pdmelvin, USA | Male 25-30 | 10th January 2009 Total reviews: pdmelvin has left 1 Red Palm, Kuala Lumpur97% Som Guesthouse, Phuket80% MD House, Chiang Mai73% Take a Nap, Bangkok73% Hotel Boutique La Cabana, Mach

Customer rating 80%
James, Ireland |   | 16th November 2010