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Overall rating
Overall rating(74.33%)

Customer rating 20%
So... by hostel this really just is a 1 room houseboat. The owner dude is rather sketchy - a bit unreliable, seems spacey. He's friendly though and seems to mean well. The place is nice - though, 200 euro is pricey. Its basically a room with 4 bunks. You share a bathroom and kitchenette with the owner, who sleeps in a small room on the other side of the kitchen.
Daniel, USA | Male 25-30 | 21st September 2010

Customer rating 56%
Apparently The Friendship is under construction and didn't bother to inform anyone. I e-mailed him before we left and he didn't reply back & then I e-mailed him again once we arrived, again with no response and the phone number listed didn't work. We went across the street to Hotel Brian and they were a Godsend. We had the best time there & the staff was so helpful and gave us a discount since we got screwed by The Friendship. I would 100% recommend Hotel Brian, I mean it even came with a com...More
jmtodd, USA | Female 18-24 | 13th November 2010 Total reviews: jmtodd has left 5 Anwar House, London77% St Christopher's Edinburgh, Edinburg80% Euro Hostels, Glasgow83% Abbey Court, Dublin100% View member pro

Customer rating 56%
A nice place to stay. We were 4 people so there was only us staying there. Chris is very nice and took us on a boat trip around the canals. The location is just perfect : 5 minutes walk from the station. Would recommend this place.
florenttavernier4745, France | Group 25-30 | 01st November 2010

Customer rating 93%
We had an excellent stay but you'd need to be laid back and flexible! Good location just out of the very centre. Nice to have the privacy and novelty of a boat once the mess got sorted out.
lornahut1361, England | Group 31-40 | 26th September 2010

Customer rating 83%
On a canal between the centre and the Jordaan; location-wise it doesn't get any better. Owner Chris as well as boat chaotic but we found that that added to the experience! Also, Chris can arrange a very nice boat trip through all the canals (and even the IJ estuary) which shows you Amsterdam from a unique vantage point. Highly recommended although perhaps not for pickyuppetyprude (thai oil massages 5 m from boat...) persons.
Michiel, Netherlands | Male 25-30 | 20th September 2010

Customer rating 93%
Chris is a nice guy, but he seems in moments a bit lost.
dejanmaksimovik3060, Macedonia | Male 25-30 | 15th September 2010

Customer rating 86%
The boat is barely 10 mins walk from Central Station, a major hub for transportation and 15 mins away from the Red light District. The insides were pretty clean and very homely. It has 2 bunk beds. The whole atmosphere is very bright colourful and will make you feel very much at home. We got a very warm welcome by the owner. He is a thorough gentleman and very hospitable. Definitely recommended !!!
vijitjain, India | Male 25-30 | 06th September 2010

Customer rating 90%
A tremendous place for a group of 4 to base their time in the Dam. A very good hostel alternative.
duncanajfellows3080, Australia | Male 25-30 | 03rd September 2010