The White Tulip Hostel

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Reviews The White Tulip Hostel

Overall rating
Overall rating(70%)

Customer rating 66%
I had a great time here. The bathrooms are kind of ridiculously small and cramped, but apart from that, it's a great solid hostel for a short stay in the Red Light district!
morganplummer4319, USA |   | 21st January 2009

Customer rating 93%
conjusted space, not so clean rooms and WC
suvastha3875, Nepal | Group 25-30 | 06th January 2009 Total reviews: suvastha3875 has left 6 All In Hostel/Hotel, Berlin87% Ambrosiana Hotel, Milan67% Ai Due Leoncini, Venice87% Sandy Hostel, Rome80% Friend's Ho

Customer rating 93%
The rooms are very stuffy and it is a very noisey hostel, didnt get much sleep but its close to everything. To the guy who stunk the entire room out with his smelly feet,shoes and socks-do something about that....thanks to the stoned dude who was always in the room to open the door for us.
Hollie, Australia | Group 25-30 | 23rd January 2009

Customer rating 70%
brilliant place to stay in d heart of amsterdam!!
sarahshea871384, Ireland | Female 18-24 | 22nd January 2009

Customer rating 70%
The staff was super friendly the toilets were cleaned twice a day and it is very close to everything, but there is a freaking church behind the hostel that the bells ring every 15 minutes and if you are not a regular pot smoker you will have bad times with your roommates, because nobody obeys the rules of non-smoking area in the rooms.
andreynousiainen6908, Finland | Male 18-24 | 04th January 2009 Total reviews: andreynousiainen6908 has left 1 Eurohostel, Helsinki97% 40% Customer Rating T

Customer rating 70%
There were rats in my room. The Staff are very unkind. The room was very very small that we coudn't move inside without kicking the bags. I don't recomend at all this hostel. White Tulip never again!
btunchel3325, Brazil | Male 18-24 | 20th January 2009

Customer rating 100%
just your bare-bones hostel, not a lot of extra stuff. good price except on weekends (much more pricey). showers are hot and internet works but don't expect anything special
jorr10127387, USA | Group 18-24 | 20th January 2009 Status: Avid Traveller Total reviews: jorr10127387 has left 11 Enter Privates, Budapest87% Hostel Bridge, Prague77% Hotel La Madeleine, Brussels90% Snuffel Backpacker Hostel, Bruges

Customer rating 100%
Good hostel, management were trying to run a good business but unfortunately when we were there people thought it was alright to smoke and drink in the rooms with the lights on while others were trying to sleep. Maybe stay out of the red light district if you like any sleep otherwise its a good location for going out.
steph_mclean5434, Australia | Female 18-24 | 14th January 2009

Customer rating 86%
I read mixed reviews about this place....and while this is my first time ever staying in a Hostel before...i was OVERWHELMED at how nice it was. Highly Recommended
harrydevert7578, USA | Male 25-30 | 07th January 2009