Pension Versalles in Alicante

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Pension Versalles Villavieja 3, 2 Alicante

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In this page you can find all the information about the hostel Pension Versalles of Alicante. With you can reserve your hostel or cheap accommodation at the best possible price. See the description of the hostel Pension Versalles with the facilities offered, photos, map with directions on how to get to the hostel Pension Versalles, prices, reviews and comments on the hostel Pension Versalles. Make your reservation with a credit card, anticipating only a 10 per cent of the total amount to secure the booking. At the end of the booking you will get the phone number and the email address of hostel Pension Versalles. Also by email you will receive the booking number confirmation with a reminder. Print your reservation and show it at the reception of the hostel on your arrival’s day; the hostel have already the data details of the guests and you just have to start your holiday in Alicante!

Hostal Versalles is located in the historical zone of Alicante, on the Santa Barbara castle slope and beside the La Asegurada museum and Santa Maria church (S. XVI).The beach, the most important leisure zone of Alicante, and the airport bus stop also are really near only one hundred metres.Rooms are available of one, two, three and even four beds. They are equipped with running water and electric fan in every of them. The toilet and the bathroom are of common use. Pets are admitted.There is a kitchen with a refrigerator and all kind of cooking tools. We have a spacious garden where customer can sunbathe, have luch, read, watch TV... This is a perfect hostel for young people. You never forget your holiday, I'm sure. Special offer for groups.- Check out 11:30.- Check in 12:30.- Bikes allowed- Towel and sheets included in the price.- Reception 8am to midnight.- I will keep your bags the end day.- Animals allowed.

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AddressPension Versalles - Villavieja 3, 2   ,  03002,  Alicante,  Alicante,  Spain  
Breakfast Not Included


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