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  • flag Iceland Iceland name: Reykjavik
    geographic coordinates: 64 09 N, 21 57 W
    time difference:
    Telephone Lines290.100 (Mobile lines)
    190.500 (Fix lines)
    Internet User225.000, 20 (ISP)
    Labor Force 165.900
    Birth/Dead rate(1000)13% (Born) 6% (Dead)
    Population (0%) 299.388 Under 18: 21%, Adults: 66%, Over65: 11%
    Extention 103.000 Km2 Land 100.250, Water 2.750
    Religions Lutheran Church of Iceland 85.5%, Reykjavik Free Church 2.1%, Roman Catholic Church 2%, Hafnarfjorour Free Church 1.5%, other Christian 2.7%, other or unspecified 3.8%, unaffiliated 2.4% (2004)
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