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  • flag Norway Norway name: Oslo
    geographic coordinates: 59 55 N, 10 45 E
    time difference: UTC+
    Telephone Lines4.163.400 (Mobile lines)
    2.228.000 (Fix lines)
    Internet User3.140.000, 13 (ISP)
    Labor Force 2.400.000
    Birth/Dead rate(1000)11% (Born) 9% (Dead)
    Population (0%) 4.610.820 Under 18: 19%, Adults: 65%, Over65: 14%
    Extention 323.802 Km2 Land 307.442, Water 16.360
    Borders Finland 727.00 Km, Russia 196.00 Km, Sweden 1619.00 Km
    Religions Church of Norway 85.7%, Pentecostal 1%, Roman Catholic 1%, other Christian 2.4%, Muslim 1.8%, other 8.1% (2004)
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