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  • flag Serbia Serbia name: Belgrade
    geographic coordinates: 44 50 N, 20 30 E
    time difference:
    Telephone Lines4.729.600 (Mobile lines)
    2.685.400 (Fix lines)
    Internet User1.400.000, 0 (ISP)
    Labor Force 2.961.000
    Birth/Dead rate(1000)0% (Born) 0% (Dead)
    Population (0%) 9.396.411 Under 18: 0%, Adults: 0%, Over65: 0%
    Extention 88.361 Km2 Land 88.361, Water 0
    Borders Albania 115.00 Km, Bosnia and Herzegovina 302.00 Km, Bulgaria 318.00 Km, Croatia 241.00 Km, Hungary 151.00 Km, Montenegro 203.00 Km, Macedonia 221.00 Km, Romania 476.00 Km
    Religions Serbian Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Protestant
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