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  • flag Zambia Zambia name: Lusaka
    geographic coordinates: 15 25 S, 28 17 E
    time difference: UT
    Telephone Lines300.000 (Mobile lines)
    94.700 (Fix lines)
    Internet User231.000, 5 (ISP)
    Labor Force 4.800.000
    Birth/Dead rate(1000)41% (Born) 19% (Dead)
    Population (2%) 11.502.010 Under 18: 46%, Adults: 51%, Over65: 2%
    Extention 752.614 Km2 Land 740.724, Water 11.890
    Borders Angola 1110.00 Km, Democratic Republic of the Congo 1930.00 Km, Malawi 837.00 Km, Mozambique 419.00 Km, Tanzania 338.00 Km, Namibia 233.00 Km, Zimbabwe 797.00 Km
    Religions Christian 50%-75%, Muslim and Hindu 24%-49%, indigenous beliefs 1%
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