Rum Wonders Camp in Wadi Rum

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Rum Wonders Camp Near to Lawrance House Wadi Rum

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Wadi Rum
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In this page you can find all the information about the hostel Rum Wonders Camp of Wadi Rum. With you can reserve your hostel or cheap accommodation at the best possible price. See the description of the hostel Rum Wonders Camp with the facilities offered, photos, map with directions on how to get to the hostel Rum Wonders Camp, prices, reviews and comments on the hostel Rum Wonders Camp. Make your reservation with a credit card, anticipating only a 10 per cent of the total amount to secure the booking. At the end of the booking you will get the phone number and the email address of hostel Rum Wonders Camp. Also by email you will receive the booking number confirmation with a reminder. Print your reservation and show it at the reception of the hostel on your arrival’s day; the hostel have already the data details of the guests and you just have to start your holiday in Wadi Rum!

The Rum Wonders Camp guest house offers accommodations in Wadi Rum. For a completely unique place to stay while on a Jordan holiday, Rum Wonders Camp features private and shared Bedouin tents set among a beautiful desert landscape.While staying at Rum Wonders Camp, guests can enjoy traditional cuisine such as grilled meats and the local rice dish called Mansaf, Maqloba, Mandi, Zarb . If desired, guests are welcome to participate in the cooking and preparation of meals. Meals for vegetarians can be prepared as well . To get out and see the sites around Wadi Rum, Rum Wonders Camp offers 4-wheel jeep tours into the desert. Camel ride , Balloon Tours . um Wonders Camp is located in the heart of Wadi Rum Natural Reserve, surrounded by desert. It offers private, Bedouin tents and horseback rides through the desert.The Rum Wonders serves traditional, local dishes by the campfire or in the communal tent. Guests can also participate in cooking meals for dinner, and the camp can arrange Bedouin Parties with native Bedouin singers, as well as Bedouin Proposal Parties for young couples.The property can organize tours through Wadi Rum Natural Reserve, including camel tours and jeep tours. Balloon tours, hiking and trekking activities can also be arranged. The Rum Wonders also offers shuttles to and from Wadi Rum, including Borders, Aqaba and Petra.Guests are kindly requested to inform the hotel in advance of their estimated time of arrival. This can be noted in the Comments Box during booking or by contacting the camp using the contact details found in the booking confirmation.Rum Wonders Camp can arrange a pick up from the visitors center of Wadi Rum (free shuttle), and Aqaba, Petra and the International Airport of Aqaba. Please contact the camp for more information about this service.Check is : 8:00 a.m - 8:00 p.mCheck out : 12:00 p.m - 2:00 p.m Please contact us regarding your arrival time. Feel free to contact us at : Mobile : 00962777789665E-mail :

AddressRum Wonders Camp - Near to Lawrance House   Rum Valley, Wadi Rumm,  71810,  Wadi Rum,  Aqaba Province , Wadi Rum Natural Reserve,  Jordan  
Breakfast Included Restaurant Airport Pick Up Linen Included
Bar BBQ Area Free Carpark


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