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In questa pagina vi mostriamo la lista completa degli alloggi economici a Wadi Rum. Con Viamundis.com potrete trovare e prenotare subito tante offerte economiche per ostelli a Wadi Rum, pensioni, bed & breakfast, appartamenti, campeggi ma anche alberghi economici. 2 minuti per prenotare l’ostello che fa per voi al miglior prezzo. Siete in cerca dei migliori ostelli a Wadi Rum, vorreste conoscere quali sono gli ostelli centrali a Wadi Rum? Fate una ricerca direttamente sulla mappa piuttosto che con il motore di ricerca, vedrete subito la collocazione degli ostelli nel centro città di Wadi Rum e capirete come arrivare a Wadi Rum. Cliccando su ogni ostello della lista potrete vedere prezzi, foto e recensioni con i voti dati dai precedenti clienti. Veloce, facile, sicuro!

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Wadi Rum Desert Camp
1Wadi Rum Desert Camp Wadi Rum - Da 6 € mappa
Wadi Rum Desert Camp is Located in the Heart of Wadi Rum Desert . It offers different categories and style of Tents : Single Private Tents - Double/Twin Private Tents - Triple Private Tents - Family Tents from 4 to persons . Shared Tents - Mixed ,...
Rock Bridge Camp
2Rock Bridge Camp Near Visitor Center - Da 9 € mappa
Rock Bridge Camp located in Wadi Rum, in the middle of Wadi Rum, near to Visors CenterRock Bridge Camp offers private and shared Bedouin tents surrounded by Wadi Rum's scenic rock formations. It is perfectly situated to explore the natural beauty of...
Rum Wonders Camp
3Rum Wonders Camp Near to Lawrance House - Da 7 € mappa
The Rum Wonders Camp guest house offers accommodations in Wadi Rum. For a completely unique place to stay while on a Jordan holiday, Rum Wonders Camp features private and shared Bedouin tents set among a beautiful desert landscape.While staying at...
Obeid's Bedouin Life Camp
Experience of the real desert world, stay in Obeid's Beduin Life Camp in the very heart of the desert, and enjoy traditional Bedouin hospitality!The camp is ideal for small groups and for those wanting to avoid the tourist crowd. It is located in a...
Bedouin Lifestyle Camp
5Bedouin Lifestyle Camp Wadi Rum Village - Da 12 € mappa
Our camp is located inside Wadi Rum protected area, about 11kms from Rum Village. it's based around a number of Bedouin tents prepared with comfortable beds.Guests can sleep inside the tent, or just outside it alongside the fire, or a bit further off...
Salman Zwaidh Camp
6Salman Zwaidh Camp Wadi Rum - Da 14 € mappa
Salman Zwaidh Camp is a small and familiar camp located inside the Protected Area of Wadi Rum, just a 15-minute Jeep ride from the Visitors' Centre and 30 minutes from the Desert Highway.Our camp offers you a simple and diverse experience of the...
Enjoy Wadi Rum
7Enjoy Wadi Rum Wadi Rum - Da 9 € mappa
We invite you to come and stay with us in one of our two Bedouin camps in the desert of Wadi Rum. Our first camp is the larger one where we have 3 large tents, a kitchen, and a very clean bathroom for showers & toilets (both eastern & western...
Wadi Rum Travel Camp
8Wadi Rum Travel Camp Wadi Rum Protected Area - Da 28 € mappa
Constructed in the winter of 2011/2012 our camp is located near Um Sabatah approximately 12 kilometres south of Rum village. It is an intimate camp offering spectacular sunset views. There are two communal tents where guests can relax and enjoy...
Rum Stars Camp
9Rum Stars Camp Wadi Rum Protected Area - Da 34 € mappa
The campsite is very peaceful and secluded, allowing you to relax and experience the tranquility of the desert. You will have the opportunity to wander through the surrounding desert, taking beautiful photos and gazing up at the stars at night. With...
Classic Wadi Rum Camp & Tour
10Classic Wadi Rum Camp & Tour Rock Bridge - Da 7 € mappa
Wadi Rum Classic Tours & Camp is located in the heart of Wadi Rum Natural Reserve, surrounded by desert. It offers accommodation at Wadi Rum, Bedouin tents and All related tours can be practiced.We have been since 1995 with experience more than...
The Bedouin Meditation Camp
11The Bedouin Meditation Camp Wadi Rum - Da 11 € mappa
The Bedouin Meditation Camp is located in the heart of Wadi Rum World Heritage Protected Area. The Red and White desert, Sunrises, Sunsets and Stars is what you will experience everyday you stay here. A friendly Bedouin family have run the camp for...
Rum Magic Camp
12Rum Magic Camp Wadi Rum - Da 17 € mappa
Rum Magic Camp can accommodate all to the single occupancy, to the large groups, offering both parties an unforgettable experience and adventure in the desert. Our Bedouin tents can accommodate two guests all furnished in a colourful Bedouin rustic...
13Rumshines Wadi Rum - Da 17 € mappa
All of our team our bedouin born in the Wadi Rum desert. We have many years experience working in tourim industry, running different tours in the desert eg. hiking, climbing, camel trekking, jeep tours and camping.Our Rumshines Camp is located in the...
Bedu Land Camp
14Bedu Land Camp Wadi Rum Protected Area - Da 7 € mappa
The camp itself is humble and cosy with clean toilets and a main tent for chilling out and getting together with other fellow travellers while having some sweet Bedouin tea, also called as a Bedouin Whiskey. Right outside the main tent, we have a...
Rum Trips
15Rum Trips Wadi Rum Desert - Da 20 € mappa
Come with us to enjoy the experience of your life. We accommodate you with full bedding, mattress and plenty of blankets, so that you can enjoy the stars and your thoughts in the pleasure of complete comfort in one of our authentic and beautiful...
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