Casa Tia Micha in Valladolid

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Casa Tia Micha Calle 39 Numero 197 entre 38 y 40 Valladolid

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In this page you can find all the information about the hostel Casa Tia Micha of Valladolid. With you can reserve your hostel or cheap accommodation at the best possible price. See the description of the hostel Casa Tia Micha with the facilities offered, photos, map with directions on how to get to the hostel Casa Tia Micha, prices, reviews and comments on the hostel Casa Tia Micha. Make your reservation with a credit card, anticipating only a 10 per cent of the total amount to secure the booking. At the end of the booking you will get the phone number and the email address of hostel Casa Tia Micha. Also by email you will receive the booking number confirmation with a reminder. Print your reservation and show it at the reception of the hostel on your arrival’s day; the hostel have already the data details of the guests and you just have to start your holiday in Valladolid!

Casa Tia Micha has 5 beautiful rooms:Room 1. Standard. This room is for two people, has a queen size bed and is the smallest of all. Contains special amenities.Room 2. Standard garden view. This room is larger, has a king size bed, contains special amenities.Room 3. Quadruple. This room is for maximum 4 people, has two double beds, special amenities.Room 4. Honeymoon Suite. This is the first suite is for two, king size bed, mini bar, dining room, bottle of wine, for, among other amenities.Room 5. Deluxe suite. This room with a pure colonial style caters to couples. It has a king size bed, sitting area, Jacuzzi with waterfall, minibar, bottle of wine, light, extremely amenities ideal for families or couples.Significantly, all contain minibar and drinks it.Please note:Cancellation policy: 48h.Check in:14:00Check out: 12:00.Breakfast included.Debit and credit cards payment accepted upon arrival.Taxes included.Not pets

AddressCasa Tia Micha - Calle 39 Numero 197 entre 38 y 40   ,  97780,  Valladolid,  Valladolid,  Mexico  
Breakfast Included Free Carpark Non Smoking Air Conditioning


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